The site Store is open.

I have worked at making everything easy to use. I still have a bit of work to do on shipping for multiple items but will exclusively use Canada Post.

The first letter in the SKU is C for Cards,P for Print and S for Sewn Products-Bags . Just go to the Shop page Cards will show first then Prints and lastly Bags.

Choose an item you would like to purchase view then add it to the cart. If you change your mind click cart, view cart and change the quantity ordered. Cart will then show zero items. In the checkout process you can still view Cart and change again. If you make a typo in the check out fields you can easily edit.. Make sure to check the shipping option for Cards and Prints, 1 Bag or Multiple Bags.

Check the Card Collection site page for a Gift Special, buy 4 Cards and receive a Free Gift Bag SKU-CGT.

I am using one of the large e-commerce providers to ensure all transactions are secure and have chosen two payment options. Square which takes all major credit cards and Interac if you want to make an e transfer. The secret Question in Interac is “What is my order number”. Your order will have an order number, enter that order number. Only I will know the correct answer. Interac will send you an e-mail confirming all the order details

I hope you enjoy your shopping experience and thank you for visiting

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