Social Media

Social media is clearly the new communication platform to reach and communicate with people. I am working my way through what I want to have on the website and what is the best way to share posts on website news, new products and anything else that might interest followers without being a pest.

So far I have linked Twitter and Facebook and am working on Pinterest and LinkedIn I am also looking at an e-mail subscription app that looks pretty good. It is an easy way to see new posts and find out about new items or any special offers. I want to be very thoughtful about the e-mail sharing and would keep it to a minimum as I certainly know what is like to get e-mails that you forgot you subscribed to. Guess we have all been there.

There is still lots to study and I may make the odd mistake but my mission is to be honest and ethical in business and only offer for sale a quality product.

Thanks again for your support.

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