Hungry Ling Cod

Desolation Sound is the perfect habitat for large ling cod. Craggy rock faces are everywhere and are perfect hiding spots for the lings. One of their favorite foods are small rock cod (rockies) and smaller ling cod, both of which are abundant. They are vicious predators and strike with speed and force. They are not a good looking fish but the meat of a fresh caught ling is delicious and healthy.

The property in Desolation was like a seafood smorgasbord. Oysters, mussels, ling cod and salmon were all within minutes of the dock. One afternoon I decided fish and chips would be good for dinner. I walked to the dock hopped into the boat and went out to catch a ling. I hooked one almost immediately went back to the dock and filleted the fish. Put the fillets in a bowl and into the fridge, elapsed time from walking down to the dock and fish in the fridge, 34 minutes. I thought that was faster than going to a grocery store and back in town.

Good fish and chips is all about fresh fillets and a perfect batter. I was fortunate to have a wonderful batter recipe. Ling cod battered fish melts in your mouth.

It doesn’t get much better than having fresh seafood at your doorstep.

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