New Website Design

Due to customer input and popular demand I have changed the website to make shopping and ordering much easier. I have dropped all the Sewn Products and am just focusing on original Art as Prints, Cards and Card Box Sets.

Effective immediately the Web Site will only have a Home Page, Shopping Page, Checkout Page and a Blog Page.

There are currently Seasonal Christmas Cards and Christmas Card Box Sets for your own use or make a nice Gift. The Card Box Sets are packaged as a 6 card set in a very nice box with a clear top so you can see exactly what is in the set. There is also a Black and White set of the most popular cards and a Colour set of the most popular colour cards. Both of these sets make a nice gift.

Prints are perfect for your own use or also make a nice gift and are easy to mail.

I would like to thank everyone for their input and I hope these changes make a much easier shopping experience.

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